Saturday, January 24, 2009

Spring is just around the corner

Spring is just around the corner as the saying goes. But it is time to prepare for spring gardening and getting everything ready as far as ordering seed or getting the seed from last year’s garden sorted out and ready to plant. You also may want to get the medium ready to start the seeds.

My grandfather used egg cartons to start most of his seeds, he would fill each carton with top soil and plant the seed and water it and put it on the window seal to let germinate in the warm sun, his tomatoes were great they were so meaty and juicy, the flavor was fantastic and to this day I believe the way you start your seeds makes a difference in the end product. He even took clear wrap and put it over the egg carton to give it a greenhouse effect.

You will need to have things ready so you don’t have to scramble when the time comes to start seeds. Sometimes getting ready for spring planting can be as much fun as putting in the garden it’s self. I just love getting the garden catalog out and looking at all the seeds and figuring out what you want to plant this season.