Monday, February 23, 2009

Gardening to Survive

Gardening today is the same as it was 100 years ago. You till the soil then you plant. What do you plant? In some cases you must save seed from the past season. This is Gardening to Survive.

Hello, my name is Ron, welcome. This article is about gardening to survive. I hope to teach you on some of the ways to get food and prepare for emergencies that could last for years.

Gardening yourself is the best way to acquire fresh vegetables, because you know how they were grown and you determine if they are grown organically or if you use pesticides to control insects.

Now in a survival situation you may not have the luxury of the normal ways of gardening. So you must make do with what you have. The first thing you need is seed. Remember if you garden be sure to let some of your plants go to seed, or fully mature to a dried up state. And store them in a cool dry place.

Half of surviving is being prepared; if you don’t have the tools to help you survive you will perish. So do what you need to do for your own comfort level.

This is the first of a series of postings I will have over the next few weeks.

Ron S.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Some things about Container Gardening

I'm a firm believer in container gardening. This type of gardening has many advantages, first you can control the amount of water the plant needs, and if the environment get bad like a storm you can move the plants to a safe place until the storm or whatever passes by. But the best part is you can be right there to watch them grow and develop. Now you want to make sure that your container is deep enough to contain the roots so you want to have enough room for the plant to grow. A good rule of thumb is the roots will grow down as far as the plant grows above ground. Another thing is Please make sure your containers are clean and free of cleaning products. This will have a profound effect on how your plants do over the season because of the residual effect of cleaners.


Friday, February 6, 2009

I am Beginning to Wonder

Ya know I started this blog as kind of a passing fancy because I am a believer in surviving, and I love gardening. Thinking this would be a good blog subject for potential viewers. BUT believe me I feel it is time to get serious about these considerations. I am beginning to believe we are in the midst's of a social melt down. and it will be everyone for themselves, Forget about help from the government, look at New Orleans they are still rebuilding, but if it was a another country they would have been rebuilt with state of the art Construction thanks to your tax dollars. This brings my topic of gardening to survive to a hole new level. I hope this is not a panic attack and I am not trying to scare anyone but we need to be ready. Just getting educated on these subjects is not enough, you need to plant that garden, harvest the crops and store them for the year or next growing season. There are so many subjects about surviving as far as actually surviving as to food, water, shelter, weapons, fire, clothing, so many things to consider so just start thinking about what you would need to do to be ready, just in case.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ultimate Green House

The search is finally over...Get ready to start learning about gardening and growing vegetables and especially tomatoes where it is almost impossible to grow. If you want to start growing or start planning for next spring you will want to pay very close attention to what I have to say below.You can now start growing all kinds of vegetables and grow so much that you will be able to sell all of it, if you want to! What does this mean... well for me it means not having to pay top dollar at the grocery store for any vegetables anymore. It's not having to deal with un-ripened fruit that is supposed to be fresh. It's not having to purchase only what's available in the stores. It's not having to drive to the grocery store every time I want something fresh. It means spending time with my family. It's making money on the fruit and vegetables or plants I grow. Bottom line is I can do what ever I want, when ever I want to. And I don't have any financial worries.Enough about me... why am I telling you this stuff? Because I am going to give you access to my secret greenhouse system called the Ultimate Greenhouse Package. Until now I have never revealed my powerful strategy to the public. When I first started growing in my new greenhouse I even told my self I would never give away my secrets. However I have now decided to reveal my secret greenhouse system for the first time ever to the public.I was once where you are trying to figure out how to grow things, but not knowing where to start. I spent hundreds of hours and hundreds of dollars on every type of growing system out there. Funny thing is not one of them worked for me. I was in a place that was almost impossible to grow anything. Then one day I came up with a great idea to grow tomatoes and vegetables. After I started making money with one of my ideas I put a few more into place and started creating multiple steams of income at home from my greenhouse.The crazy thing is I now make more in 5 months than a school teacher makes working for an entire year. I can remember not too long ago when I was 3 payments behind on my mortgage and 2 payments behind on my old car. I hardly had enough money to buy a hamburger at McDonalds. Life is so much different now that I am making money with my greenhouse. I am going to share my secret greenhouse system with you so you can start making money with your greenhouse and living the way you want to live, not just the way you have to.

Your GreenHouse Plans

Monday, February 2, 2009

Early Foods in the Garden

One of the best things you can plant to get a quick harvest other than green onions is radishes. You can even plant them a little bit earlier provided the ground has thawed out from the winter, and you are able to prepare the soil with shovel or tiller. Radishes are full of vitamins and minerals and are a good source of fiber. The good thing about radishes is you plant them and in 30 days you have radishes. Now this may sound funny but have you ever had a radish sandwich? Just lay out two slices of bread and spread some butter on them, clean and slice the radish thin and layer it on the bread, put a little salt on it and you have a radish sandwich. They are very good, and good for you. Talk about a cheap lunch!