Wednesday, May 6, 2009

In case of an Emergency

Surviving any Emergency is a task that can wear down a person’s ability to properly take care of themselves and their families. Having the ability to adjust and adapt is a skill that must be taught and is somewhat in our nature. Part of surviving is being able to read people and tell what their real intentions are. If you are around a person for a small amount of time certain personality traits will come out and you must be aware of these subtle changes in a person’s personality because these are warning signs that this person has another agenda.

Surviving has many aspects to it and I believe this is one of the most important lessons you should learn. My Grandfather used to tell of a story of the Scorpion and the Dog, I have heard several different versions of it , but this is how he told it.

A wandering dog came upon a swift stream where stood a scorpion that wanted to cross. The scorpion asked the dog if he would swim across the stream with the scorpion on his back.

But you will sting me, Replied the dog.

No I won’t, said the scorpion. If I did I would drown!

OK, replied the good natured dog. Crawl up on my back and I will take you across to the other side.

So the scorpion crawls up onto the dogs back and the dog starts to swim to the other side. When about halfway across the scorpion stings the dog and the dog asks?

Why did you do that? Now you are going to drown. The dog asks as he is dying?

Hey, I’m a scorpion, it’s my nature.

So in case of an emergency, don't trust anyone except family members and well known friends.

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