Monday, May 11, 2009

Survival Gardening

When gardening in a survival situation there are many things to consider. First you must put in a garden big enough to have fresh vegetables in the fall and be able to can enough to last you till the next harvest so you will have food all year. Now another thing you must consider is to be sure to grow enough so you can save seeds for the next season. Remember when you harvest vegetables to eat in the fall most seeds are not fully developed so you must leave them on the vine until they are fully ripe or with beans you leave them on the vine until they are dry. Be sure and store your seeds in a cool dry place for the winter. Store as many seeds as you can, if they are stored properly they will last for a couple of years. And always having backup seeds is needed in survival situations.



John Wesley said...

One thing I really like about gardening is its diversity and versatility. If somebody doesn't have a place or the means to have a big garden, they can grow in containers on a patio or try a hydroponics kit. This may not produce a year's supply of food to set by, but every little bit helps. Thank God for farmers markets and the growing interest in community supported agriculture (CSA), where people can still get fresh produce.

Thom said...

I am much older than many posters that you may have. When I was a young boy I lived on a farm with foster parents in Oregon. Everything was grown in a garden and canned. Even beef was canned.
I don't ever remember them going to a grocery store. Things have certainly changed and many may have a rude awaking someday. Best to you and your family and your garden.

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