Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Some other things to consider

FIRST AID: First aid can help a person survive and function with injuries and illnesses that would otherwise kill or cripple him/her. It’s important to have a first aid kit in almost any emergency situation to treat any type of trauma like lacerations, which may become infected, bites or stings from venomous animals, bites leading to disease, infection through food, animal contact, or drinking contaminated water, bone fractures, sprains, burns, poisoning from consumption of, or contact with, poisonous plants or fungi.

TOOLS: In an emergency or disaster situation, tools and supplies are not one of the most basic essentials, but they can greatly increase your ability to effectively provide for yourself and others in an emergency situation. A pocket knife, a shovel, some pliers, or a compass could greatly improve your chances of survival if one finds them self in a fleeing situation.

LIGHT & COMMUNICATION: As with tools, light and communication are not essential to your immediate survival, but they are invaluable tools in helping to protect yourself from greater danger and assisting you in acquiring safer and more stable living conditions.

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