Saturday, October 10, 2009


The ultimate food rotation rack capable of storing a massive amount of canned goods. The FiFO Can Rack is large enough for any situation. The most comprehensive rotation rack FiFO Storage™ has built to date, the FiFO Can Rack is a mammoth-sized food storage shelf made for those who are serious about storing food.

● Front loading technology.
● Stores up to 112 #10 cans. Depending on your can sizes, the capacity of your system will vary.
● Each system is 72" tall, 36" wide, and 24" deep
● Store cans as small as tuna or as large as bulky fruit cans.
● The FiFO Can Rack's durable steel frame is rated to hold over 5000 lbs.
● Trusted quality from the FiFO Storage™ brand

The patented front-loading technology allows for maximum storage capacity in limited space. Because of the first-in-first-out technology, you'll never have to go behind the system for can storage or access. The Can Rack allows you to quickly organize your storage area and it automatically rotates cans. As you pull each can from the bottom row the other cans automatically rotate. Each section is adjustable to any width of can up to 30 oz.

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