Saturday, July 24, 2010

"Pepper, Sweet California Wonder 1 Pkt. (100 seeds)"

"HEIRLOOM. The standard bell pepper for many decades, this 1928 introduction is still the largest open-pollinated, heirloom bell you can grow, and a big improvement over the earlier bells. Consistently produces 3 inches X 4 inches, 4-lobed fruit."


Ron said...

Heirloom seeds the only way to go. Great post.

Anne said...

Heirlooms are great, but open pollinated should not be overlooked. Open pollinated are strains that have been stabilized over 7 generations yet they do not have the "history" of an heirloom. So with OP seeds, as with any seed saving endeavor, control of pollination results in predictable further generations. Primary difference is that many OP strains may have more resistances to various diseases that heirlooms do not. This does NOT mean GMO.
I thought I would toss that out there as heirlooms often are more finicky.

Travel said...

Heirlooms option is good, liked it.